Tuesday, March 29, 2011

18 Month Stats

I can't believe Mason is a 1.5!! Time has flown by. He weighed in at whopping 24 lbs (25th percentile, which is much better than the 5th where he's been sitting for the last year) and he's 33 inches tall which puts him at the 75th percentile. I spoke with the pediatrician about his horrible eating habits. He told me not to worry and to just look at his diet on a weekly basis, not a daily basis; not to worry if all he'll eat on a given day is yogurt and Goldfish. He's very laid back and not worried at all (I wasn't either, but it still helps to hear!)

Mason LOVES Purdue chicken strips. I love that they make them with whole wheat breading, but I hate the massive amounts of sodium. To remedy this I tried making my own chicken nuggests for him...I pounded chicken breasts, dredged them in flour and egg then coated in Italian Panko for the breading. Finally I baked them 350. I thought it tasted pretty damn good but my little toddler terrorist wouldn't even taste them! It's as if he knew they weren't processed and full of salt so he just couldn't be bothered. If he could give me the finger I think he would have. I need to get a picture of the face he makes when he doesn't want to eat something.

Any recipes for "chicken nuggets" or nugget alternatives we can try?

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  1. SO cute Sadye!!! He might be on to it but my SIL feeds her kids these: http://www.zimbio.com/Jessica+Seinfeld/articles/33/Recipe+Deceptively+Delicious+Chicken+NuggetsAmber's Notebook