Monday, March 21, 2011

Yo! Baby!

Yesterday Mason showed us his new trick. M is slow to talk...He can vocalize all the sounds, but doesn't really say much that has meaning (like he won't call the dog " dog" or me "mama".) The only thing he does is he will look at a light and say "la la la light!" Which ends up sounding more like like "la la la ahhh!" but close enough.

but yesterday....I took out some Yo Baby Yogurt to feed him and I said "yo!" and he proceeded to say "baby." We did this over and over again. So yes, my son won't say mama, or daddy but he is happy to say his favorite brand of yogurt. Consumerism at it's best.


  1. Maybe Danon should create a line of Yo Mama yogurt. Then he'd be saying your name as well as sounding super fly.

  2. ohh, I like that idea. I'll have to pitch the idea!